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Neeka Allsup's

Neeka Allsup was born in the back of a toy store to two rogue scientologists. She was the mascot in highschool and received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is an oil painter and muralist, working with ideas from self analysis, "after a vivid dream, I will look up what the symbols could represent because I am interested in how the subconscious shows us metaphors about our life through symbolism.


From the artist:

"There are stories of what it is like on the secret planet from people who have been there. But these people can exaggerate and make things up from their own imaginations!


The Reality of the secret planet can only be experienced by you.


Someone might tell you that you will love the secret planet, because they loved it. Someone who hated it might tell you that you will hate it. They could influence your thoughts and opinions with their thoughts and opinions! You could talk to someone who knows you and the secret planet well and can give you an unbiased view- that would be as close as you could get without actually going there. Or you can see the secret planet for yourself, and let your own experience inform what you think."

November 11, 2022 - January 3, 2023

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