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Dail Chambers: Figure/Ground

February 10 - April 7, 2023

Dail Chambers (she/her) is a post medium, migratory artist. She is a spiritual worker and ethnographic researcher. Her practice consists of a legacy of social art, photography, and conceptual art. In the past two years she has exhibited at the World Chess Hall of Fame with the Radiant Gambit, Keith Haring exhibition, the August Wilson Center and Mattress Factory as a member of Sibyls Shrine, an arts collective and residency program, co- facilitated the Fannie Lou Hamer House, an artist retreat, has been awarded as an Arts Matters Fellow and lives a daily practice of transformation. 


With deep ties to her ancestral roots and traditions, she works through all mediums, including social art. In this body of work she explores her own ancestral connection to North Saint Louis, giving life to a part of society that is oftentimes overlooked.  She uses remnants of vacant homes, media and spiritual matter to create experience, sculpture and a documentation of land. As a sustainable environmentalist, found objects are at the forefront of her visual language.

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